Hundreds of Virginia truck drivers ordered to re-take their CDL tests

Hundreds of Virginia truck drivers ordered to re-take their CDL tests
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Hundreds of Virginia CDL holders just got some really bad news: that expensive CDL they have in their wallet might not be valid in 30 days, unless they retest.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Director of Communications, the decision to require CDL graduates from 5 Star CDL Training, based out of Richmond, was based on a joint audit with the FMCSA and found that 5 Star personnel  were "not administering these tests as required by state and federal law and, in some cases, were passing some applicants whose performance did not warrant a passing score."

"In fact," wrote Brandy Brubaker, the Director of Communications with Virginia DMV, "some of these applicants had made driving errors during the test that should've resulted in an automatic failure (e.g., striking an object in the test course roadway)."

"Virginia's third-party testing program is regulated by federal law, which requires all states to take immediate remedial action against a testing program for failing to comply with the requirements of the program," Brubaker wrote.

"Because of the very serious safety concerns related to the operation of commercial motor vehicles by drivers who have not been adequately tested, DMV is asking drivers who tested with 5 Star after October 1, 2022, to retake the tests with a DMV examiner to demonstrate they have the required knowledge and skills to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle on our roads."

5 Star CDL Training's website and social media are still active and apparently they are still enrolling new CDL students.