Yet Another Trucker Missing After Plunging Off Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Yet Another Trucker Missing After Plunging Off Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Another semi-truck driver is missing after crashing off the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Thursday around 2 pm. According to local reporting, the unnamed driver went into the water on the west side of the northbound side of the bridge at the 1-mile point.

According to Virginia State Police, one good samaritan jumped into the water in an attempt to find the driver. It is unknown who that person was or their condition.

Coast Guard officials are reportedly looking for one person as of Thursday night by both air and sea, according to Chief Warrant Officer Dan Butierries. “We are committed to searching by land and sea throughout the night and into the morning,” he said.

According to local media, this is the sixth time in recent years a commercial vehicle has crashed and fallen to the bay below. In 2020, a box truck crashed and sank. The body of the driver, a man from Maryland was discovered several months later when his body washed ashore.

In 2017, two people were killed when a minivan hit a semi that went over the side and into the bay. The trucker and his passenger were both killed.

Just a year prior, a North Carolina trucker survived when his truck crashed over the side. That driver was rescued from the water 40 minutes after his truck plunged into the bay.

In 2014, a Virginia man was killed when his truck crashed, jack-knifed, and fell over the side of the bridge.