Trucker charged in shooting death of California Trucker

Trucker charged in shooting death of California Trucker

A trucker from California was found dead in the cab of his semi last week, and police had announced that his killer, also a trucker, has been arrested.

It all started around 1pm on Thursday, June 29th when police were called to the area of the 10800 block of Belleville Road in Van Buren Township to reports of a semi being parked behind a building with both windows broken out. When police checked the cab of the truck they discovered the body of a 48-year old truck driver from California. He had been killed by a gunshot, according to police.

When police reviewed nearby surveillance video, they noticed a confrontation between the 48-year old and another man, later ideantified as Mark Shaw, from Texas. The confrontation escalated, and according to police, Shaw drew a firearm and fired at the other driver. Shaw then got in another semi and left the scene.

Police were able to get the license plate of Shaw's truck and contacted the trucking company it was registered to. With the help of the trucking company, Shaw was arrested at another location in Van Buren Township, after police located it and Shaw taken into custody. Police said they discovered a firearm, believed to be the murder weapon, in the cab of Shaw's truck.

Suprisingly, at a bail hearing on Monday morning, Shaw was arraigned on a charge of First Degree Murder and Felony Firearm and issued a $200,000 bond.